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Construction Documents

Construction Document Management – Architectural Bid Documentation Services

Structural Drafting Firm give you reliable construction documents management services at reasonable rates. Our in-house team bid construction documents technologist and AIA control technicians delivers quality architectural bid documantation and CAD drawings as per the country specific planning and building code requirements.

Construction Documents

Our construction documents services includes:

Structural drawings with design calculations:

  • Foundation Plan
  • Details of Roof Truss and Joist
  • Details of Tanks, Chimney, Bunkers, Silos, etc.
  • Details of Blown up connections
  • Standardized Bar Bending schedule
  • Drawings of Pre-stressed structure
  • Measurement sheet of quantity estimation
  • Full Tendon profile

Architectural Drawings:

  • Site location layout showing major building components and sections
  • Civil drawings like plans, elevations, sections, details and specifications
  • Interior drawings like plans, elevations, lighting, furniture layouts, etc
  • Axonometric drawings

We also offer specialized construction documentation services like coordinated drawings which integrates mechanical, electrical, architectural and structural drawings into one set of drawings.

Structural Drafting Firm aims to provide construction documents services at 100% precision using leading edge technologies (Tekla, AutoCAD, AutoSketch, Revit, Photoshop, etc) and country specific codes (AIA Standards, ASME, BS codes, etc). We have well defined methodology which is completely process driven and result oriented. Our team strictly complies with the specifications provided by your architects, structural engineers and consultants to generate standardized documentation project manuals.

The company offers flexible and tailor-made solutions to suit your needs and requirements for all price points. We work for clients on fixed and man-hour pricing models depending on the complexity and volume of work. We have high-level project development & management support - leaving clients to focus on the rest of their business.

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