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Structural Drawings

Structural CAD Drawings - Steel Shop Drawings - Detailing Services Lebanon

Structural drawings usually refer to drawings of concrete, steel, wood and other building structures. Structural drawings clearly describe all structural components involved in the building construction and their relationship using shop drawings. Examples of components described in structural drawings are steel truss, joist, columns, beams, pile foundations, roof framings, RCC joints and slabs, staircases, handrails, etc.


We offer Structural CAD Drawing Services including

  • Steel shop drawings
  • Steel fabrication drawings
  • Steel connection drawings
  • Foundation plan drawings
  • Drawings for shallow, raft and pile foundations
  • RCC joint and slab details
  • Wood structure drawings
  • Column and beam details

Structural drawing involves various engineering calculations corresponding to material physics and properties to prepare structures which can bear up all kinds of loads the structures may be subject to. Structural drawings are prepared by professional CAD operators.

Structural drawings also contains general notes whenever required for information on floor, roof, walls, wind and other static and dynamic loads, permissible soil pressure and stresses of all building components used for construction.

Input Formats:

  • .DWG, .DWF and .DXF files
  • .JPEG, .GIF and .TIFF files
  • .RVT files
  • PDF files
  • Scanned Images
  • Hand Drawn Sketches

Output Formats:

  • AutoCAD files (dwg, dwf & dxf)
  • PDF files
  • Revit files (.rvt)
  • .JPEG, .GIF and .TIFF files

We use modern infrastructure and latest CAD software like Revit Structure, Tekla, Xsteel, AutoCAD, StaddPro, StruCAD, 3DS Max, RebarCAD, Navis works, Inventor and others to deliver shop drawings and CAD files in quicker turnaround time. We accept input in any form including one dimensional sketches, concepts, blueprints and plan drawing PDF files.

We are one of the few service providers in the industry who possess a unique set of resources in terms of workforce, infrastructure, software, and technology expertise to cater all your Computer Aided Drafting and Design requirements. Skilled structural CAD operators translate structural engineer's hand drawings and ruff sketches into simple shop drawings and also make sure that the structure designs obey the industry standards and international codes.

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