Optimal Consulting is a multi-discipline, full-service firm providing architectural, engineering, design and construction administration services. Optimal Consulting has become a well-known name in the region evolving into a leading architectural and engineering firm in Lebanon. We utilize a business model structured for efficiency offering comprehensive professional services across a wide scope of client categories. Our architects, engineers, and technicians are all in-house, creating optimum communication and collaboration, which results in outstanding service to our clients. Our Professional team includes Architects, Mechanical, Civil & Electrical Engineers from all disciplines in addition to experts in Rendering, Animation & Graphic Design.


It’s our mission at Optimal Consulting to provide client focused service through our responsible practice of Architecture, Engineering & Visualization. Our tradition of dedication, professionalism and outstanding customer service is a testament to that mission as we strive each day for excellence in bringing our valued clients’ ideas to life.


To be viewed as a respected Architecture & Engineering firm, providing high quality design and services to our clients with honesty and integrity.



Top Quality Services

Our talented team with long experience provides you the best quality services.

Latest Software Technologies

Using the latest software technologies in the markets provides high end quality and speed for our work.

Best Prices

Save 40% on your project cost with our talented team & best softwares in the market.

Client Satisfaction

Satisfied customers is our main goal.

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Outsource to us and experience the difference with our "value for money" engineering solutionsSave 40% on your project cost by outsourcing your Engineering design related requirements to us. E-mail us at info@optimalconsulting-lb.com to view more samples of our work.