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Piping systems in industries, automobiles, locomotives, marine vessels form the circulation system for various fluids. Well thought out and efficiently laid piping systems help in reduction of space utilization for setup, increased accessibility, enhanced safety and easier maintenance. It is imperative to visualize piping layouts using CAD tools before installation for specific purpose to garner above advantages.

Piping systems being so critical for desired operation of plants are subjected to different loads and stresses like pressure, temperature, vibrations and seismic conditions depending on the type of fluid, temperature of the fluid and surrounding conditions. Considering these conditions, our company caters to customers' requirements pertaining to piping system validation and optimization through pipe stress analysis services.

Piping systems and Pipe stress analysis services from Optimal Consulting include:

Piping systems – CAD

  • Paper or blue print to CAD
  • 2D piping layouts
  • 3D Piping layouts
  • Plot plan Development
  • Conceptual Pipe Routing
  • Piping Design Criteria Development
  • Pipe Sizing Calculation

Pipe stress analysis carried out on the following


  • Metallic
  • Nonmetallic (Example: FRP (GRP), HDPE, PVC, etc.)
  • Buried
  • Internally Lined Piping (Example: Ceramic Lined Pulverized Coal Piping)
  • Cross Country Pipelines
  • Sub Sea
  • Jacketed
  • All loads (Weight, Thermal, Seismic, Wind, etc.)
  • Buried

Optimal Consulting has been providing piping systems and piping stress analysis for industries like

  1. Process industries
    • Oil and gas
    • Petrochemicals
    • Offshore platforms
    • Fertilizers
    • Food and beverages
    • Refrigeration plants
  2. Marine vessels
  3. Power
  4. Industrial installations

Software used for piping systems and piping stress analysis at Optimal Consulting

O2I has expertise with Piping software like AutoCAD, PDMS, CAESAR II, CAEPipe, AFT IMPULSE.

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