Client Confidentiality Is Always OPTIMAL CONSULTING’s Top Priority

It is frequent to see copyright disputes caused by the leak of confidential information. To avoid potential risks, OPTIMAL CONSULTING always emphasizes client confidentiality. Several methods are adopted by OPTIMAL CONSULTING to safeguard the confidential information including but not limited to the Non-disclosure agreements. Non-disclosure agreements (hereinafter called NDA) are documents in the form of the legal contract that can be agreed before confidential information is disclosed about a project, product or idea. Sometimes they are known as confidentiality agreements. The substance normally concerns the protection of sensitive commercial information and how much info can be shared with the third party.

You spend hours pulling information from different documents, crunching the numbers, and putting everything together. You finally have everything ready, and you present the document to the client. What do they do with your hard work? Do they sit down and read it immediately? Do they congratulate you on all your hard work? Do they whip out their checkbook on the spot?

Laptop computers have long been a preference for many within the construction industry. For architects and designers, the ability to take our hardware with us — moving quickly between home, studio and site — is vital to our workflow. Until recently, though, professionals were used to having to compromise between mobility and power, with desktop PCs seemingly essential for high-demand, intensive tasks such as real-time visualization and virtual reality applications.

2D CAD plans are still being used by professionals, but 3D rendering opens the door to much greater design freedom, innovation, and efficiency. It completely transforms the way you work, which is precisely why it took over the world, making 2D CAD a viable option only for basic functions.

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